Why does my Beam start buzzing when 4OD adverts play?

  • 22 April 2022
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I’ve read a lot of posts regarding similar issues to mine but none identical. I have a classic Sonos surround set-up with the Beam, run from a Samsung TV on HDMI ARC, which works perfectly most of the time. However when viewing advert supported channels e.g. My5 and 4OD I get a loud buzzing from the Beam right channel toward the end of the advert sequence or when the programme restarts. It’s like there is a change in the audio coding used by the ads which triggers it and the only way to stop it is by power cycling the Beam. I submitted a diagnostics report hoping for some advice: 691378500.


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2 replies

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I rarely use 4OD but I did catch up on West Wing over year ago and had exactly the same problem with a buzzing noise from the right channel that was caused by an advert break. I just used to unplug the hdmi and listen via the TV which was obviously a clunky solution. I posted on this forum but didn't get much response. Other than that, my beam works fine but I haven't watched 4OD since. 


Sorry, not much help other than letting you know it's not a problem unique to you.







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Hi @jacob_7 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

At the time your diagnostic was submitted, there was nothing actually coming through - it reports silence. However, I can see evidence about a minute prior to this which indicates that the Beam repeatedly found issue with the incoming stream. Ordinarily, I’d look at the cable’s connection, but as you clearly indicate that this buzzing sound only manifests towards or after the end of an advert session, this makes me think that the issue is either related to the software on the TV/source device, or the how the 4OD servers deliver the streams. It’s not likely to be the servers (unless there are other forums full of discussions of this problem).

I’d highly recommend rebooting the TV by unplugging it from power for at least a couple of minutes. If you are using a device external to the TV to watch 4OD (like SkyQ or Virgin Media), I’d reboot that too.

Once the TV is back on, please check it for available software updates.

To clarify - the Beam continues to make this noise, regardless of the TV switching channels/sources/apps, until the Beam is rebooted? If - after rebooting the TV once - the issue reoccurs, please reboot the TV again instead of the Beam to see if that stops the noise too. If it happens again after that, please try using the Sonos app to play music to the Beam - does that stop the noise? Does it return if you then switch back to TV audio? Thanks

I hope this helps.