Volume "jump"?!

  • 4 July 2023
  • 5 replies


Hi there! Can you set the volume not to change as much when using TV remote? Samsung smart tv change to much on every “click”. From zero to first it's a huge difference. Is it possible to change the settings in the sonos app? Would like it to be not so sensitive.

Also have an issue watching soap2day or other, sound isn't synched with movie. Sound is dragging after and all I can find in sonos app is about the other way around.


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5 replies

The Sonos is just playing what it receives from the TV set. You may want to contact Samsung and ask them why there is such a jump in the signal they are sending via ARC/eARC. 


Bruce, I'm using optic cable, don't know if ARC/eARC is in use but my Samsung dealer gonna spend his weekend deep in the user manual, otherwise he won't be able to give me some answers! 😉

Ah, slightly different method of transmission, but the Sonos is still playing what is handed to it by the Samsung. You may want to look at if there is setting for variability on the optical output, but generally, that would be an effect in the opposite (too quiet) direction. 

Is your TV so old it doesn’t have ARC? Why did you choose the older optical route, which limits the bandwidth able to be sent to the Sonos?


What I know my Playbar doesn't support anything else than optical cable. Playbar was good looking and right in price 2 years ago, Samsung TV is only 8 months old.

Aha, first time you’ve mentioned it was the much older PLAYBAR. No ARC/eARC allowed. I used to have two of them, wonderful devices.