Using TV to control Sonos soundbar (probably a Beam G2)

  • 2 August 2023
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Quick question about adding a Beam to a secondary TV


Thinking about adding a Sonos soundbar and may be sub to a 2022 LG tv. What I wonder is whether everything for TV watching, everything can be controlled from the TV remote once the IR link is working.

By everything, I mean when TV is turned on using LG remote, does soundbar start working automatically and can the volume be controlled by the TV remote? Family using this set-up won’t want to use phone/Sonos App, or controls on top of soundbar.

As always thanks in advance for your help.


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6 replies

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Yes. The soundbar will turn on automatically when it detects a signal from the tv and the tv remote can control the volume.

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Thank you. Just needed to make sure 😉

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Two additions to the answer:

  1. On a 2022 TV you will probably use HDMI to connect the Beam. If so, remote commands will be sent through the TV and the HDMI-CEC protocol will take care of relaying the commands to the Beam. There’s no (need for am) ir-link between remote and Beam in this case. On a 2022 LG TV the remote is probably bleutooth in stead of ir too.
  2. The Beam will not so much “turn on” when the TV is turned on, but wake from sleep mode.
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Thanks 106rallye. TV has eARC , so not sure of this affects what you are saying. How do I check if HDMI-SEC is relevant? Or if the remote is bluetooth, and does this matter?

What I want is for Sonos to wake up when it gets a signal from the TV and users of the TV remote to be able to turn up or down volume of soundbar.

ARC and eARC are both subsets of CEC. 

In your case, everything should just work, no need to worry about IR or setting up the remote specially. 

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Thanks all very much.