Using the play button on Beam/one after watching tv give orange light

  • 17 March 2023
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I have a beam gen 2 and the one sl in home theater setting. 

So when i have watched tv and turned the tv off, i want to start music by pressing the play button on one of the home theater sonos devices.

It will not work, because it will flash the orange light ‘No playlist available’ or something like that.

Is there a way to fix this?


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4 replies

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Did you have music selected on the Beam when you turned the TV on?

That is not the same as music selected on another Sonos that was then Grouped with the Beam.

Start playing music from the controller. The last the Sonos speakers know is that they were playing from the TV set, which is no longer sending a signal. 

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Yep, I do have to play the original queue from the controller but it is still present once the TV is off.

However if I was playing from another Sonos and Grouped it to my Beam the queue is emptied on the un-group. Might be due to my Ungroup on Autoplay being set.

Play just toggles mute if I tap.

Long press on the Beam’s play button with TV off joins with last playing Sonos Room.

Ah so long press should do the job. I will try-out this. I thought the play button always would play some kind of music. I wouldnt mind it being random music.