Using Stereo Receiver for rear Sonos channels

  • 22 April 2022
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Hi...I have a Beam (V1) mounted under my TV for listening to video. I have my favorite old Pioneer SX-727 receiver for listening to music. How can I use the speakers wired to the Pioneer as my rear channels when listening to video? Is the Sonos Port product what will allow me to pick of the rear-L and rear-R channel, and plug them in as an Aux source on the receiver? (To be clear: Not trying to get audio out of the Pioneer into Sonos, only Rear channels out of Sonos into Pioneer.)  Thank you...Chris




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1 reply

No, unfortunately not. Sonos does not provide a way to send a “rear” surround signal outside of their own speakers, or their CONNECT:AMP/Amp. The Port or CONNECT can not be used in that fashion.