Using more than one remote for Sonos Arc volume control?

  • 7 April 2023
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I’m considering buying a Sonos Arc, and feeding TV audio to it with the optical connection, but I’d like to get an answer to this question:  According to the user manual, you can “program a TV remote to control the Sonos volume”, however  it also says that “Only one remote can be programmed to control the Sonos home theater speaker at a time.”.  I will need to control the volume with either of 2 remotes; however, one of them is a programmable which emits the same control codes as the other, with regard to raising, lowering, or muting the TV volume.  My interpretation of what is going on when you “program a TV remote to control the Sonos volume” is that the Sonos is learning what codes the remote uses for the volume commands, and that therefore any number of different remotes could be used for volume, as long as they send the same volume codes.

Are my assumptions correct, and is anyone successfully doing this?  Thank you.



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1 reply

Yes, it’s a poorly worded phrase. Any Sonos product that has an IR sensor will recognize one ‘set’ of IR codes, it has no capability of knowing what device sent that code.