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  • 8 October 2020
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Hi all,

Just wanted to share recent observation. For about a year Ive had a playbar, sub and several ones around my home property for a while. The playbar was ethernet hard wired into wifi router, all other sonos kit with wifi enabled. The tri-band (2.4/5x2) wifi router is ASUS (configured as a simple Access Point) ethernet connected into a business grade VDSL2 broadband modem, which also is where DHCP is enabled. Everything worked fine.

An arc was added a couple of days ago. From that point, started to get real issues with internet / home network e.g. very slow, random internet connectivity, wifi drop outs, even every few seconds, from all devices, both wired and wireless. First reaction was either modem or router issues, spent several days trying all the usual checks, changes, even rebuilt the entire network from factory resets. No change at all. The router syslog reported a very large number of what looked like conflict issues. 

By chance I disconnected the playbar from hard wired ethernet. Everything remained identical pre arc addition, having used saved network config backups to rebuild network. Solved all the issues. The router syslog was also clear. 

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced similar with 2 or more sonos devices ethernet connected, as it would be good to know if this was pure co-incidence or a known current issue to be avoided? 


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7 replies

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Hi @jwct, thanks for reaching out with the Sonos Community! Appreciate you letting us know about this and just to let you know it shouldn’t really matter on how many Sonos devices are hardwired to the router. It will be based on how your network/router handles it. You can disable WiFi on your Sonos players when hardwired to the router. Can you tell us your network setup with the make and models so we can further check on our end and if you can submit a diagnostic report as well. Just reply to us with the confirmation number. We and the community are always here to help.


Hi @Krishma M , 

The network is an ASUS RT-AC3200 wifi router, configured as an Access Point using factory settings (except the wifi SID names & security) running latest firmware.

I’ve also tried other network setups with similar observations as previously posted.  Note though I didnt check the router logs, having assumed it was a simple router failure. One set with two ASUS RT-AC68U, configured in AiMesh mode backbone connect via ethernet, as simple Access Points, with factory settings. The second set up with a single ASUS RT-AC68U. 

Happy to provide more details as needed. I’ll submit a diagnostic report too, number is 1651767414. 


Thanks again.

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Hi @jwct, thanks for your response and for all these details. I can see in the diagnostic that the Arc is currently hardwired to the main router (not the Asus) and seems okay. Are we still having trouble? Please submit a diagnostic if you encounter any problems. 

We and the community are always here to help.


Hi @Krishma M 

thank you for this. The only other network component will be a Draytek 2862, which is probably what your seeing the arc connected to? Not previously mentioned, its primary use is VDSL2 modem, but is where DHCP takes place and not in the ASUS. Are there any preferred setting for the Draytek e.g. upnp, igmp etc? Btw, not yet found any stp settings in the Draytek, after some googling so far, possibly not supported? 

Im not currently seeing any problems, since the playbar was hardwire disconnected, which was before submitting a diagnostic.



@jwct, sounds like a broadcast storm, when a 2nd Sonos device is wired… into an ethernet switch? An unmanaged switch has to support IGMP snooping, a managed switch has to be set as follows.

Configure STP settings to work with Sonos


Hi @Smilja 

thank you. Checked the Draytek config, looks like igmp proxy, snooping and fast leave are the only config options, each as either on or off. Ive now set igmp proxy and snooping as on. I might now test out hardwiring the playbar too, see if that was the issue, what you mention sounds quite possible to have been the original issue.


btw, is there a sonos list of compatible network products in case theres a need to change as   I may change to get better wifi coverage with a mesh type. 


No, there is no such list.


When you are operating the system in SonosNet mode (at least one component wired to the router, I’d recommend the Arc because of its newest wireless radio, thus don’t disable it).

Remove the WiFi details from the system, they aren't required when the system is running over SonosNet. On iOS or Android: From the Settings tab, tap System > Network > Networks. Select the WiFi network you'd like to remove, and tap Remove. Subsequently wait about 10 min, then go to Settings → System → About my Sonos system and see if WM:0 is being displayed next to each unit.