TV firmware update turned on TV speakers

  • 20 November 2022
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Had a firmware update tonight for my TV set. Once it was over, my Sonos had an ‘echo’ effect. After investigating for several minutes, I was finally able to figure out that the firmware update for the TV had changed the settings for the TV’s speakers from ‘Off’ to ‘Auto’. Once I turned the TV’s speakers back off, everything was back to normal.

In the past, before the release of S2, I’d had Western Digital change my SMB settings on my network drive, also without giving me any notification. 

Just to warn everyone…not everything that is audio related is necessarily Sonos related.

1 reply

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Hi @Airgetlam

Great advice for the rest of the community. It’s strange that some devices change some settings without notice, maybe the firmware update you did was related to the TV speakers and caused them to turn back on?

Like you said, not all audio issues are Sonos related, so if audio issues pop up after a firmware update, it’s worth checking the device settings to make sure nothing has reset.