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  • 30 November 2023
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Just got my Arc and did a temporary setup last night with it sitting on a box below TV.  Am looking to do a permanent wall mount soon.

The Sonos guidelines state pretty clearly (and in multiple locations) that the Arc should be placed/mounted “at least” 4 inches from the bottom of the TV.

Why 4 inches?  Is this for thermal reasons?  Or sonic quality reasons? Or something else?  TVs are not CRT any longer so couldn’t be for the old-school image EM disruption reason, LOL. 

Is it to provide ample space for the upward-firing Atmos speakers?  

I’d like to mount the Arc to the wall below the TV, but closer than 4 inches between top of Arc and bottom of TV.  If this is truly a naughty no-no, I will have to move my TV up higher on the wall, which I don’t want to do for viewing purposes, and also because it’s a pain - already mounted in place for years with lag screws and a precisely located cut-out in the wall for cables, etc.

The only reason I can think of that would give me pause is if it’s a thermal/safety issue; e.g. the Arc needs ample ventilation to stay within operating temp range.  

Either way, I wonder if I got the Sanus extendable bracket, if that would allow me to mount the speaker closer than 4 inches vertically from the bottom of the TV?  Extending the Arc out from the wall would be OK, but I don’t have much vertical room due to furniture below TV.  Extending the Arc out from the wall would also give Atmos drivers their space, and presumably provide better thermal ventilation, too.

But ideally, I could just use the flush wall mount (which came with Arc), and put the Arc 1-2” below the bottom edge of the TV.  Any thoughts on if this would be OK and if not, why not?


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It is to allow sufficient clearance for the up firing Atmos speakers.  As such, moving it farther out from the wall should allow you to mount it closer to the TV than 4 inches.

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I have my Arc about 2 inches below the TV but also a couple inches between the back of the Arc and the front of the TV and that seems to work.