TV and streaming services audio skip out every few minutes (Samsung Q70AA

  • 6 April 2024
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I have a Samsung Q70AA 65” TV and recently upgraded to ARC, Sub and ERA100 in a home theater setup. I have connected the ARC using the HDMI cable to the eARC HDMI on the TV set and ran through the normal setup process. However, now the audio is skipping out for a few seconds every few minutes which is really annoying. Does anyone have any ideas?


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2 replies

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If you are only using the TV’s native apps, set the HDMI-eARC Mode setting on the TV to OFF.

And set Digital Output Audio Format to Pass-Through, not Auto.


Thanks for your response, much appreciated. HDMI-eARC was already set to OFF. Weird thing is I cannot set the audio to pass-through - the option was greyed out and not available in the settings.

Pulled everything apart and redid the setup again, let’s see.