Trying to setup Beam Gen 2 - fails on NFC and Ethernet

  • 26 June 2022
  • 5 replies

been trying to setup my first sonos device (Beam Gen 2) on the S2 app on my Android 11 phone.

S2 detects Beam but then claims it cant detect the Beam via NFC. checked on my phone settings that NFC is enabled and the app has full permissions.

switched to ethernet, no luck. its definitelt not the cable or the port because my LG TV connects perfectly fine. need help before i throw the towel and return the device for something else.


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5 replies

The setup requires some kind of handshake between the mobile and the speaker, to identify the latter. When NFC fails are you not offered any other options by the setup procedure? Alternative possibilities are an audio tone between speaker and phone, or even a request to key in a unique PIN code on the speaker’s underside. 

i was only offered the ethernet option when NFC failed. i didnt come across either options that you mentioned, how is this possible?

Ethernet might help things along on the network side, but it’s perfectly possible to setup a new Sonos device using a mobile that doesn’t have NFC at all. Usually the speaker issues a coded audio tone instead. 

It’s been a while since I set up a Beam/g2 but I seem to recall that NFC failed once or twice then, and I was able to complete the task using an alternative method. Is there no text at the bottom of the popup dialog which offers such options?

Can you simply leave NFC disabled on the phone? Or even try with a different phone? 

i tried another phone that has no NFC, no luck. just quits the setup

It sounds like you may need to talk to Sonos Support then. This is mainly a user-to-user board. Sonos staff do monitor it, but often refer users who need 1-to-1 troubleshooting to Support.

One long shot you could try is a factory reset of the Beam: