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  • 19 September 2023
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i’ve a playbar, a sub and 4 play one speakers.

The playbar is connected to my Sony tv with optical cable because The playbar doesn’t have arc input.

i’ve created my sourround system room with sub, soundbar under tv and 2 play one on my back. 
In order to add the other 2 play one as left & right channels i’ve created a new room and i’ve made a Group with the two rooms.

The PROBLEM is that when i turn up and down the volume using the remote control of my tv the play one L&R doesn’t change the volume.

is it possible to connect the L&R speakers in the same room of sourrond system? 

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A "room” in Sonos is a defined set of speakers. In the Sonos there's only place for two rear speakers. So, as you noticed, you cannot get the other Play 1's in the same "room". You can only "group” them with the surround room, giving you not the rear sound but stereo and also giving you 75ms delay on the grouped speakers when playing TV sound. Grouped speakers cannot be controlled with the remote that is controlling the surround “room".

So; what you want cannot be done.