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  • 22 August 2023
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Hi there, I have a pair of Focal 714v that I used with my old amp to watch movies but my amp fail. I bought a new Sonos  amp. I saw that you can make a surround sound system with the Arc and 2 Era 300 or 2 front channels with the Amp and 2 Era 300 for the surround. But the Sonos Arc with the Era 300 can use Atmos to create an spatial sound. My question is, can I add a Era as a center or have both my speaker and a Arc at the same time to have the Atmos sound. Any other suggestions is welcome!

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4 replies

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The Era 300s cannot be used as surrounds with the Amp. And the Amp powering the front speakers in a home theater setup is limited to standard Dolby Digital and Stereo PCM audio. So using the Era 300 as a center channel will not work and is not supported by Sonos.

If you want a Sonos Dolby Atmos setup, go with the Arc and add a Sonos Sub and Era 300s as surrounds and leave the Amp/Focals out of the equation.

Thank. In a Youtube video i saw i dude use 4 Era 300 and a Arc but it. wasn’t clear if he use 2xEra 300 + Arc as a 3 channels and 2xEra 300 as surround or 2xEra 300 as stereo on top of Arc+2xEra 300 setup. Or listen between two option: 1. Stereo with 2xEra 300. 2. Arc+2xEra 300. English isn’t my mother tung. Another question. Does it work with mini sub too? The other may be too much for my appartement. Can i style use my Amp as stereo HIFI with my tv as a source (i have a Apple TV 4k. 

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Edit: link to the Youtube video


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Ignore that video. That guy doesn’t know what he is talking about and is misleading people for more views. He is using the speakers in a way they are not intended to be used. He basically has an Arc + two Subs + two Era 300s as surrounds setup (which is supported by Sonos) and grouping an extra pair of Era 300s and placing them in front on either side of the Arc. This results in an echo effect that he has to counter by lowering the volume of the front Era 300s to make the echo less noticeable. But worst of all, his setup results in an inaccurate surround mix.

If you want to continue to use the Amp/Focals to play TV audio you can do so. The Amp has an HDMI ARC connection that can be connected to your TV. Then you can add a Sub Mini and a pair of One SLs as surrounds to complete the 4.1 setup. But as I mentioned before, this setup doesn’t support Dolby Atmos and is limited to standard Dolby Digital and Stereo PCM. You will have to set the Apple TV audio setting to change all audio to Dolby Digital.

Thanks. That’s help me a lot. I will try the Atmos setup with the ARC+Era 300. If i don’t like music sound with the Arc i will keep my Amp.