Surround Sound with Sonos Playbar extra front speakers

  • 12 July 2023
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I have three Sonos Playbars. I want to set them up with two rear speakers, two additional front speakers, and a sub. They want it louder this is for a senior center.
I have seen posts that this can be done for the rear speakers but not the front ones. I want to end up with six speakers. They are front left, front right, center bar, sub, rear left, and rear right.
Can we get four Sonos 1 speakers and configure them?

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1 reply

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Not as an TV setup, the soundbar is the only front (L-R-C) sound you can have.

If you want to group the TV system to additional Sonos speakers you can do that but will hear a slight delay in the sound that throws off lip-sync a bit. For your use this likely wouldn’t be a big deal.

The One SL or the 100 would be good options, for more sound a Five or 300 would work.