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  • 26 September 2023
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I am planning to set up a 5.1 surround system for my TV. I have a Beam 2nd Gen a Play 3, a Play 5 2nd Gen and Connect Amp. For the rear speakers should I use my Connect Amp and a couple of speakers or buy a second hand Play 3  and have 2 Play 3s as my rear speakers ?


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3 replies

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You could use the Connect:Amp and power a pair of third-party speakers to use as surrounds with the Beam. Read more about it here:

Or you could get another Play:3 and use them as surrounds with the Beam.

Assuming that the Connect:Amp is on S2 setup currently, same setup as your Bean Gen 2, either of your two options would work.  It really comes down to what your prefer aesthetically, IMO.

Many thanks for your replies