Surround setup Keeps dropping speakers

  • 10 January 2023
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Hopefully I can give a short description of my problem and include all relevant info.


Products in system:

  • Netgear Orbi (main plus 1 satelite)
  • Sonos Bean
  • (2) Sonos One SL
  • Sonos Sub Mini
  • Sony BRAVIA XR A80J


  • Bean is connected to TV via eArc
  • All components are connected wireless via Orbi
  • All Sonos are in app and in the “Den” room
    • TV Autoplay is to the right
    • Upgroup on Autoplay to the right


What seems to happen is almost every time I go to use the speakers for some reason the only one that will play sound is the Beam. I use the speakers in two situations and in both cases the only speaker that gives sound is the Beam. My two use cases are:

  • normal TV watching mostly through an Apple TV
  • using the Apple TV to steam my MacBook to the TV
    • When I stream to the TV I don't use the audio from the MacBook and instead use my phone for music and use Airplay to stream Apple Music for background noise.

I’m not sure why or how but 80%+ of the time when I come back the next day and attempt to ether watch something or stream music to the speakers I only get sound to the Beam. If I go and unplug the Beam wait 10 seconds and plug it back in I’ll get sound from the Sub Mini and two OneSL and they will work just fine for the rest of that day/movie/session but when I come back the next day nothing. I’m back with just the Beam and I ether just deal with it OR I go through the trouble of unplugging it and resetting it again. This is a trouble because I have the Beam mounted to the wall on the Sonos wall mount and you can unplug it without removing it from the mount and the speak is plugged into a hidden set of power outlets recessed into the wall behind the TV. So I have to pull the TV out from the wall kneel down at just the right place and try not to face plant the TV while reaching up tracking the correct cable and then unplug wait a bit and then replug it in. …. I really wish I could get this to stop and the speakers just work when I want them. Additionally the same issue will happen if I do not turn on the TV at all and just attempt to steam via Airplay to the “Den” room in Apple Music, I’ll just get the Beam and not the whole array of speakers.


I would LOVE it if someone could help point me into the right direction to resolve this issue. If you need additional information I’ll do my best to collect it.

Thank you all in advance.



Forgot to add all the devices always appear in the app as if they are working and never “disappear” or anything like that


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As a simple first fix use your router to assign all Sonos static/reserved IP addresses then power down the Sonos, reboot the router and powder the Sonos back up. Many every 24 hour issues are DHCP related and this is an easy fix.

The One SLs are set up as surrounds?  Are you able to temporarily connect the soundbar by Ethernet to the main Orbi as an experiment?  If not, could you turn off the Orbi satellite?  These ere purely diagnostic experiments, not recommended solutions.

If all else fails, get a smart plug so that you can say “Alexa, turn off Beam socket”, rather than perform a limbo dance every time.

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Or a $10 dumb switch.