Sub won't connect to Beam

  • 10 November 2023
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For some reason my Sub disconnected from my Beam. I tried rebooting both Sub and Beam, I reset both to factory condition and tried rejoining them to my system. Nothing has changed with my wifi or router. I spent an hour with Sonos phone rep who was very patient but didn’t resolve the problem. The app on IPhone shows both the Beam connected and Sub disconnected. When I try to connect the Sub to the Beam I get all the through the steps to the final window that shows “Adding Sub. This may take a moment” and the progress freezes. The window show the progress bar complete, when I tap on the window a second screen shows “You can’t exit Sub setup right now”. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the Sonos app with no difference. My suspicion is this is a problem with the Sonos app. Is any one else experiencing this or similar?


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4 replies

Maybe try temporarily wiring both speakers to the local network and just see what happens in that case - also check for any Sonos updates …and when wired ensure the WiFi adapters on both products are enabled (you could even try toggling them off and then on again) but definitely leave both with their adapters enabled.  

Also ensure the local WiFi network is 802.11b/g/n compatible - use security mode WPA2 personal AES and ensure the mobile App complies with these requirements:


Thanks, Ken. I did connect beam and sub to with ethernet cable to router to no avail. Nothing has changed on my WIFI network from when the Sub and Beam were working fine and when the Sub stopped connecting. I have deleted and downloaded the current Sonos App several times. Again, same phone before and after the problem.

We cannot rule out a hardware issue with SUB. If SUB is visible in the controller I suggest submitting another diagnostic and contact SONOS support again. Avoid Factory Reset without further consult.  Factory Reset destroys diagnostic data that might be useful. I think it would be best to wire both units for this diagnostic.

If the SUB is not assigned to BEAM, can you assign it to another speaker?

Problem was solved by SONOS rep Noah! A simple reboot of my modem allowed the Sub to coneect to the Beam. Thanks for your suggestions.