Sub wifi not working, only hard wired works

  • 2 September 2021
  • 10 replies

My sonos sub refuses to connect to my sonos arc. The ARC and SUB are connected on the same network and will only connect to the ARC via hardware via my network and not via wifi.

On the about system it says: Warning: Your wireless network will not support the use a sub or surrounds with the sonos Arc 

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10 replies

Do you have the wifi turned off on the Arc?

Have you tried a reboot of your router?

Have you perhaps switched off the Wireless Adapter on your Sonos Arc - check ‘Settings/System/[Arc Room Name]’ and goto ‘Products/Arc’ to ensure it’s switched on. 

Yeah they are both on, its very odd

Ive rebooted the router as well

Perhaps unbond the sub from the Arc and see if the sub will bond to another available/compatible Sonos room, that’s if you have one available that you can try? If not, maybe just try unbonding/rebonding it to the Arc.

You might even want to try powering off/on both devices whilst they are separated, before bonding back the Sub. 

Given that it is on, it may be that you need to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

Yeah I have earlier, they going to do connect to see if its ok tomorrow

ill try rebooting both though

It’s probably the router that’s the issue. Some are incompatible with home theatre satellites when the system’s in WiFi/’wireless’ mode. The router doesn’t respond correctly to the satellites’ proxied IP address requests.

The options are to wire one of the Sonos devices or to change the router.

Yeah thats why i bought a new router, but its not a dsl modem, so sending it back