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  • 16 April 2021
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I just got an arc and a sub and upgraded my system to S2. The Arc works great, but I don’t get any sound from the Sub. I have tried to disconnect it and connect it again (even did a factory reset) but no change. The sub is visible on my network and everything looks correct in the software, it is just that the Sub does not give any sound. The Arc however changes a lot when the sub is connected, it is like it opens up a lot more sound on the upper frequencies, but without the Sub too much of the lower spectrum is missing. 

Any idea? Did I get a broken Sub? 


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4 replies

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In Settings/System, is the room with the Arc showing (+Sub) in the description?

If you increase the bass in Equaliser settings, or increase the Sub output level, can you hear any changes?

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I see it is showing “ArcSub” and “(+Sub)” on the room name. I have been into EQ here and to move the Bass up and down, but no change is happening. I have also touched the elements on the inside of the Sub while playing music with high bass, but I can not feel they move at all like how it usually is on subs. 

Everything in the software looks perfect though, it is just the fact that the Sub does nothing with the sound.

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I just made it working. I checked old posts in this forum and found many people complaining about it when using wifi extenders and mesh networks, so I did some changes to how it is all wired up, and suddenly it worked. It annoys me a bit that Sonos is so dependant on the right network setup, but now that it is working I am all happy.

Sorry for wasting your time, but now my weekend will be full of bass :)

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Contributors on this forum are happy to try to help out where they can. Sometimes the obvious has to be asked/eliminated first. I’m glad you’ve got it sorted. Now enjoy!