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  • 11 March 2021
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Hi all,


First post here, so please go easy on me!


Have had a Beam and Sub setup for around 7 months now and it’s been fantastic. Turned on the TV this morning and the Beam is working but the Sub is not. Checked the app and the Sub is showing in the app and I have a white light on the front. I have tried disconnecting power and reconnecting and this hasn’t helped.


Diagnostic report number 1546425422.


Any help would be much appreciated!


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5 replies

Forgot to mention, I also tried playing music and it wouldn’t work then either.

Have now found I have a message in the Sonos app under ‘About My System’ that says ‘Your wireless network will not support the use of a Sub or surrounds with your Beam.’ What I don’t understand here is that I have not changed anything…

I have since reset both the Beam and the Sub to factory settings, as well as setting my router to work only using 2.4GHZ. I then set it all up from scratch again and it appears to be working now. Who loves technology..??

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Hi @burmz83 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Apologies for the lack of reply - as you “replied” to yourself, your topic wasn’t flagged-up as one needing a reply.

This issue seems to be due to an incompatible WiFi extender. If the issue comes back, please switch off your extender, reboot both Sonos devices and when they’re online, turn on your extender again. Things should be fine until Sonos reboots again (like during an update) after which, they may connect to your extender again. Just repeat this process once more.

You could prevent this from happening by changing the broadcast name of your extender to differ from that of your router - if Sonos doesn’t know the extender’s name and password, it can’t log on to the extender. Alternatively, permanently connecting one Sonos device (not the Sub) to your network with ethernet will mean all your Sonos devices will avoid your WiFi (and your extender) and use their own.

Extenders are typically not supported as they don’t relay all network communication types (multicast, broadcast, proxy-DHCP and others).

Hi Corry,

Thanks for your reply. I do have an extender connected to my router, however this is done via it’s own mesh network so I had excluded it for that reason. In addition, I did try to turn it off to see if it had made a difference, which it didn’t appear to.

But your reply makes sense as I suspect that the Beam would try to join with the extender first due to its location. I am unable to connect the Beam via ethernet as I don’t have a spare port available at the moment, and not sure I want to buy another hub if the issue is only going to present itself occasionally and I know how to fix it.

It’s been working perfectly since I factory reset and set it all up again, so happy days for the moment :)

Thanks again for your response, and I will not reply to myself again should I need to post about anything like this in the future!