Sub gen 3 - news broadcasts !

  • 21 December 2022
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I have recently purchased a sub gen 3 - sounds very good ! The only issue I have is when there is a news broadcast ! The voices have like a background wind  wooshing sound (sorry the best way I can describe it !) 

Has anyone experienced similar issues - or know how to rectify it ?

4 replies

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If you disable the Sub, do you still hear the “wooshing” sound? Have you tried moving the Sub to a different location in the room or adjusting the EQ and Sub Audio level in the Sonos app?

Many thanks for the help !

I have tried disabling the Sub - noise disappears !

Played around with the levels , and have just moved the sub - no joy either !

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You probably just don’t like the added bass when  listening to people talking on news programs. Try enabling the Night Sound (moon icon) feature in the Sonos app. You can always disable this feature when watching something else.

Thanks - will give it a try !