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Hi everyone,

I have two tv setups at home that both produce a strange issue of unreliable sub audio levels. My living room and my master bedroom each have a Sonos Arc, and Sub. Both setups are wired over Ethernet, with wifi disabled (my own obsession of signal reliability), and have been trueplay tuned.  Everything works great other than most of the time I don’t hear enough bass, so I go into the room settings and manually increase the sub audio level. Where it gets strange is the sub audio level will at some point in the next day or two reduce back down to a low, and inaudible level. For example, if I increase the sub audio to +10, at some point I’ll notice the bass is low again, go into the settings to check, and the sub audio will be down to -1, -8, or something like that. I have since tried removing Ethernet and enabling wifi to test at the suggestion of Sonos support, issue persists. I will also mention that both rooms get used for both tv audio and music regularly so lots of switching back and forth. 

Anyone have any ideas or any other things to try? I’m at a loss. 


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How strange that the Sub audio level is changing on its own. I have never heard of this happening before. Does anyone else in your family have access to the Sonos app that could change the settings?

Try keeping one Arc wired to the router or network and the other speakers not wired. Then enable WiFi on all the speakers so the Arcs can communicate with the Subs properly.

Anyone else in your Household who might perhaps be reducing the Sub audio via your mobile or their own controller device, or anyone who may have (or had) access to your network at any point (past or present), who are in the vicinity of your Home, a neighbour, or friend of the family, etc?

I have similar HT systems setup on my Home Network here, but I have not ever seen either Sub adjust its level by itself, ever.

Were Sonos Support Staff not able to tell you which controller device changed the Subs settings from a diagnostic report?

(edit: @GuitarSuperstar beat me to it).

I have never observed this, but I can imagine that, if you stress SUB, it will reduce it’s setting.

Mischief is a possibility.

I suggest that you check the SUB level more often. If the level is reduced after a thundering chase scene, I suspect stress. If SUB level is reduced only after a particular individual has been around, suspect mischief. If a neighbor has ever had access to your WiFi and the SONOS system, change your WiFi password.