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  • 21 September 2020
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Hi Team,

I can see a potential problem that I may have soon. Recently, I’ve purchased a monitor with the following specs: 


Speakers No
Audio Out 1


HDMI 1.4 2
HDMI 2.0 1


With the Beam I have now, I cant seem to think how to connect the monitor and sound bar and be able to play my console (PS4).

As my monitor does not have a speaker, I can only think that if i connect the console to the monitor, where it’ll generate the screen, I am not able to get the sound in the end. 

What are my options? 



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2 replies

You’d need a device that can separate the audio from the video, and send the audio out on an optical output, which you would the connect to the optical adapter that came with your Beam. You can find many such devices if you search Amazon using the terms ‘HDMI switch optical’. You’ll need to be sure that the PS4 sends only a Dolby Digital signal, as that’s the only one other than Stereo that the Sonos can interpret. 

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Doesn’t the PS4 have optical output? Wire that to the Beam via the adapter. Stereo should work, but other codecs might be harder esp for Blu-rays.