Sound breaking up when watching TV

  • 20 August 2023
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I have a playbase, a sub and 2 play 1s as part of my tv setup. The sound keeps breaking up when I’m watching tv. This seems to be even worse when someone else is browsing the internet. I have internet speeds of 60mbps so can’t see why this should be happening. 
Any suggestions on what I can change to stop this?


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5 replies

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Sony TV per chance?

It’s a Samsung one actually. 

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I’d submit two diagnostics to Sonos, one with light/no Internet use and a second with heavy (maybe speed testing) use and contact them with the ID numbers provided.

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Something weird on the TV, like the Sony RS232 thing, as the network is not at all involved in TV audio playback.

Try removing the TV’s network connection as a test.

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Hi @Twesty 

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With all such reports, I always suggest rebooting the TV by unplugging it from power for at least 2 minutes - this restarts the TV’s software in a way that Standby simply does not.

It may also help to ensure that the optical cable is correctly seated at both ends.

I hope this helps.