Sound Bar for TV

  • 31 December 2022
  • 3 replies


I currently own the Sonos Play 1 speakers but now want to add a sound bar that will tie in with them.  I’m very limited for space and would prefer the absolute least amount of cables for connecting my sound bar to the tv.  
Can anyone recommend the easiet/cleanest sound bar option that I can connect to the rest of my system.  Looking to mount it on the wall right under the TV.

thanks for your help.

3 replies

How big is your TV? How big is the room? What do you watch?

A pair of PLAY:1s running S2 will work well with any Sonos sound bar, the Sonos Ray, the Sonos Beam, or the Sonos Arc. All of these devices would have two cords, one connecting it to power, another (either optical or HDMI) connecting it to the TV. The Sonos PLAY:1s would continue to have only the power cable, and communicate wirelessly to the sound bar. All the sound bars can be mounted to the wall under the TV. 

Thank you so much for your reply.  Much appreciated.

the TV is only a 42” 

Currently using a Yamaha sound bar. It’s ok but I find the sound could be better.  Was thinking of using my play 1’s behind my head on the couch and the bar mounted under the tv.  Not being a super techie guy I wasn’t sure which bar would be better than the other.  Thoughts?

For a 42 inch TV, with an indeterminate size of room, I’d probably go with a Beam. The PLAY:1s would be perfect for surrounds when placed on either side, behind you. At a later point, you might add a mini-sub, or the full size Sub.