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  • 1 April 2024
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We just managed to get the arc finally connected. Directions online don’t match….anyway, I really expected the sound to be much louder.  It’s up ¾ of the way!  Is there a setting we need to tweak?  Seems like it shouldn’t be.  TV is a smart Sony 85 inch - couple, three years old.


Also does the light go off on it.  Is that normal?  

9 replies

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@DGHomesite 24 

Comparing volume of streaming sources to TV Mode at the same level it’s normal behavior that TV sources are a bit less loud. Also be aware in TV Mode you haven’t set the option „neight mode“ on by mistake. 
Which „light“ in detail do you mean? The LED on Arc? You can choose in settings to toggle it on or off. 

“Neigh” mode ?  I don’t remember seeing that anywhere.  We did find the light thing way after I posted this message.

We humans have been conditioned to equate “loud” and distorted. We continue to advance the Volume control until there is some obvious distortion and then accept this as “loud”. In my college apartment we could run at levels resulting in nearly impossible verbal communication, but because of the low distortion, it wasn’t “loud” yet. In this respect SONOS will never seem “loud” because it is designed to never enter this high distortion mode.

With respect to the Volume numbers, if the unit sounds “loud” at a low number, we equate this with “powerful”. Low end manufacturers are very aware of and exploit this false equivalence. High end units tend to have a gentler control characteristic that allows better control at lower levels. It is common for new high end users to complain that their new unit is not as powerful as the old unit when, in fact, the new unit is several times more powerful.

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@DGHomesite 24 @Schlumpf Probably meant “night mode”. I’d be curious which directions you found lacking. Maybe Sonos could benefit from your experience.

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@DGHomesite 24

For night mode explanation take a look here…


Thx… indeed my error on typing. 🙈

The instructions on how to hook up the Apple TV and Arc were wrong when I googled.  Also when I googled , I had a really hard time finding the right info about this - even on Sonos.  kept taking me to other products even tho I specifically said arc.

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No offense but using Google to find instructions on how to setup the Arc and/or AppleTV is not IMO the correct path. Both Sonos and Apple offer detailed instructions of their own. Actually setting up the Arc and setting up AppleTV are has nothing to do with the other for basic setup. You can in the AppleTV menu make selections about audio formats. The only rule I suggest is that you setup the Arc first.

  • To setup the Arc follow the instructions presented in the Sonos app in settings under “Add a product”.
  • To setup AppleTV connect it to an available HDMI port. Follow the directions in this link from Apple.

the arc is set up and working. that is not my point.  When i went on the SONOS website to find help for Apple TV, i didn’t get that.  it’s set up now but I was wondering if we were missing a tweak to it as it is not as loud as I think it should be .  THAT is really my question now. 


I searched: how to connect arc to appleTV. no results.  it has the product guide but there is no search feature that I could see.  maybe i am blind. it has usual problesm on the screen.  

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You need to be more specific as to what your issues are. When you say it doesn’t sound loud as it should are you referring to the Arc in general or only when you select AppleTV as the source?

Secondly, what TV are you using as there may be settings in the sound menu that need tweaking…although I doubt that to be the cause.

3rd you need to screen shot the Audio settings for your AppleTV. Click the AppleTV settings icon > Video and Audio > Screen Shot that page and send it in next post. Then select each option for Audio and screen shot it and send in next post.

FYI, you're not going to find info on how to fine tune your AppleTV on the Sonos website. The Arc is just a speaker. If you were/are having volume issues in general then it may be an Arc issue.