sonos turns on TV after power outage

  • 16 September 2021
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I have a Visio smart TV with a Beam attached. All works fine … except that after any power outage (utility induced or me just pulling the plug)  and power coming back on … the Sonos speaker switches the TV on. Something of an issue when no-one is home, possibly for an extended period. Connection is via ARC.


Workarounds are obvious but is this the expected behavior? If not, which settings are causing this? Thanks all.


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2 replies

In general, it shouldn’t. Make sure that the TV’s software is up to date, as is your Sonos. If it continues, contact the TV manufacturer’s Support, as it’s not reacting properly to the CEC handshake. 

I have the ‘Beam’ connected to an LG LED TV in the Dining Room and so, just as a quick-test and out of curiosity, (with the TV in standby mode) I pulled the plug on the Beam for 30+ seconds and then powered it back on and it didn’t cause the TV to power on.

The Beam is connected via Arc to the TV using the cable that it came with, so I suspect too that the issue might lie with the Visio TV in this instance, unless their power supplies are perhaps linked in some way?