Sonos Sub Woofer Not Powering up (GEN 2)

  • 28 March 2023
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All of a sudden my Sonos sub woofer stopped receiving power.  I literally never had an issue with my Sonos system until this happened.  I’ve read all of the topics about resetting it.  That isn’t the problem.  I need help powering the darn thing back up. What can I do?  Are there any repair shops that can look at this?  I contacted support and they want my sub for a 30% off a new one?!?!!??? Not! 


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9 replies

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Hi @Plexio, welcome to the Sonos Community!

If your Sonos Sub isn’t powering on and isn’t able to be reset, then it sounds like a power failure. I can see you’ve already spoken with our support team and they have discussed the replacement options with you. 

The 30% replacement option would be all that our support team can offer as the Sub Gen 2 was released in 2016 and discontinued in 2020, so any Gen 2 models will be out of warranty.

There aren’t any third party repair shops we would recommend as we only officially offer a return and replacement service. Using a product altered by a third party service can cause issues with your Sonos system.


I purchased my Sub in Aug 2018, and it has recently stopped working (noticed not connected in app).  I tried everything but the button lights won’t come on, so I think a power supply is shot.  I had the same thing happen with a Play 5 Gen 2 and they replaced it because they knew it had a power issue (Per a Sonos tech support person when I called in)  I have contacted Sonos about this issue and they are telling me to try a different power cord, which I don’t think will fix the issue, but they won’t move forward until I try it.  This is extremely frustrating trying to buy Premium Products and they have issues.  I have almost 3K in my system and have major doubts with the quality at this point.  The biggest question I have going forward is what to buy next if Sonos doesn’t make this right!?!?😡🤔

I also have this problem on a sub purchased in 2019, is 4 years all you can expect to get out of a Sonos sub? 

I am going to try an electronic repair shop because otherwise this is a write off 

I’ve got two Sonos Subs, one was an ‘open box’ from Best Buy, both have been operating for 10 ish years. 

spoke to sonos - looks like the problem is unsolveable. they offered me a 30% credit to use against any other sonos product once I ship the sub back to them (which they pay for) 

No reason or explanation given but it does seem like gen 1 subs are prone to break down. Obviously not 100% of them breakdown ! 

Yep…. same story for me. 30% off , so to replace it costs me $600 for an $800 investment after 4 years!


And still better than I’d get from any other company on out of warranty equipment…

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Yep…. same story for me. 30% off , so to replace it costs me $600 for an $800 investment after 4 years!


I’ll ask you the same questions here as I did on the thread you recently started, @Dickie D:


30% off a replacement for an out-of-warranty product: how many other companies do you know that would do that?

Who do you know that offers a bigger discount than 30%?

How old should the product be before no longer being offering a free-of-charge replacement? 

Mother Nature is never fair. I have a SUB from the original shipment that is still working.

I expect that a repair would cost several hundred dollars. Since SUB is rather heavy, a significant fraction of the charge would be shipping costs.

If you live in Europe there are a few 3rd party shops that repair SONOS. If you live close to one of these shops you could save shipping costs.