Sonos sub not connecting after Arc and SLs are connected fine

  • 2 December 2020
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I picked up my Sonos Sub and Sonos Arc earlier this summer.  Everything was working fine over the last few months.


Picked up a couple of SLs on Cyber Monday to attach to my system, and it’s been horrible:

  • one SLs weren’t recognized, and only left one eventually connected
  • I had to disconnect the sub in order for the one SLs to finally connect
  • tried to reconnect the sub with zero luck
    • restarted the iphone
    • hard reset the sub by unplugging it and holding the link button down
    • reset the modem
  • Sub is trying to connect with flashing green, and iPhone can see it but it completely times out when connecting
  • I added the LAN connection with a bit of pain and still no connection

This is massively painful - have read all the troubleshooting guides, and the only thing I haven’t tried is unplugging the Arc and One SLs as well.

Any ideas out there??


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1 reply

This morning I got up after having unplugged the sub for the evening.

My One SLs were both not working when the Arc was powered on.

I switched the sub on after performing a factory reset, and voila it worked.  Did absolutely nothing different.  My One SLs also powered on and I was guided to do the sound test throughout the house.

Detailed testing with tv and music tonight, but looks to be a solved problem.  Frustrating night last night, but money this morning!