Sonos Sub Lack of Bass

  • 11 October 2022
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I understand that the Sonos Sub is currently having bass issue when Trueplay is enabled, can we confirm if this issue is known to be on all setups like a stereo pair of Ones/SL, Play:5s/Fives, with a Sub or just on TV setups in a 5.1 with the current sound bars and also with older units like the Playbase in a 5.1 setup?


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3 replies

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The initial post in the following thread states:

  • Please note, we have identified an issue for some users of Arc, Beam and Ray whose configuration includes a Sub (with or without surrounds), who may find their Sub output is lower than desired after performing a new Trueplay tuning. 
  • Users with Beam or Ray bonded with Sub can increase the Sub level for a more powerful low-end response, however this won’t have the same impact for Arc users. Customers using Arc bonded with a Sub (and/or surrounds) who find their Sub output is lower than desired following performing a new Trueplay tuning, should temporarily disable Trueplay on Arc until this is addressed by an upcoming software update. 
  • ​​​​​​​Trueplay tunings for Home Theater configurations without a bonded Sub are unaffected, including standalone soundbars and those bonded with surrounds only.   

Therefore, stereo pair setups with Sub are unaffected.

As to the older soundbars, I assume the mention of Arc, Beam and Ray above is based on them being the current available soundbars. If a user experiences any issue with their Playbase/Sub configuration, then I’d follow the same instructions as given for the Beam.  If the sub output still seems lower, the next step would be to contact Sonos Support to confirm the status. 

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If there is no fix this Thursday then there will be a lot of crazy mad people , even Peter pee said he will make a new video about it if they won't fix by then. I dont think they understand how big of a mess they made with that horrible 14.12 ... Audio company that don't care about its audio reproduction...

should revert everything back to 14.10 asap but they never did , obviously midget mini sub to be blamed by that ..  

Hi I've just bought one myself and I love it .can I ask what size TV you have as my sonos ark want fit between my TV legs  cheers .