Sonos Sub has stopped working with Playbase

  • 26 March 2023
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I have a Sonos Playbase with Play1 (L+R) stereo pair and a Sonos Sub, I’ve had them since 2017. Recently noticed the sub didn’t appear to be working, although it is powered on and the Sonos setup recognises it as part of the surround sound system, no sound comes out of it.

Went through diagnostics technician and they couldn’t see anything wrong. So I tried removing the Sub from the surround setup and added it to a separate pair of Play1(L+R). Success, it worked perfectly. 

Put it back on the playbase, it is added to the setup, but no sound comes out. Truesound says it can’t hear it either. Playbase recognises it is sending a channel to the sub if I toggle the sub on and off using the switch in the app. Is this a bug with the App or the playbase?



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I’d try submitting another diagnostics report. It sounds like the Playbase wifi card has failed. 


Thanks for responding

I have chatted on the app with a technician and sent him the diagnostics for my setup. He couldn’t see what was wrong, and offered me a discount on a replacement sub. The Playbase has an ethernet connection to the router to form the sonosnet. It is communicating correctly with the L+R rear surround stereo pair via the sonosnet. I can see all my speakers in Sonos and on the network. I have a total of 11 Sonos speakers, (3 stereo pairs, the home cinema and a single speaker). 

Basically the sub will not take the LF channel when added to the playbase home cinema. If I toggle the sub off the LF is played through the playbase and the rear stereo pair.

The playbase, sub and stereo pair are all near the router, which is a Netgear Nighthawk R6000.


Having a look at the 

Playbase Den WM: 0

Play1 Den (RS) WM: 1

Play1 Den {LS) WM: 1

Sub Den WM: 1 OTP:

I think this suggests the SONOS net is not running  for most of the speakers.



so with a little bit of investigation I have found the cause. It was indeed a network card failure, but it was on the Playbase, not the sub. 

My solution is to set the Playbase wireless card to disabled and plug it in to the router with an Ethernet cable. The sub is also plugged in with Ethernet cable, and because the wireless card in that works, all the speakers now show as WM: 0, including the Playbase. 


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Hi @dilq99 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m glad you found the cause of the problem to be the WiFi card on your Playbase as we will replace that unit for you, free of charge. Please get in touch with our technical support team once more to start the process (and apologies that it wasn’t noticed when you first contacted us!).

Once your Playbase has been replaced, I recommend putting the Sub back into wireless mode.

I hope this helps.

Hi Corry

thats great news, thanks! I will certainly be back in touch with Tech Support to arrange a return for  repair.


Wait a minute … *checks date* … nooo . Sonos staff played me for an April Fool!

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Hi @dilq99 

Haha not this time - I’ve added a note to your case to ensure it is not missed!