Sonos Ray connectivity

  • 20 March 2024
  • 2 replies

I am in Singapore and just bought a Sonos Ray. However, I am unable to either detect, connect or reset the speaker. I have tried everything as per their Website and even tried to get help from online support (they’re useless). I am just unable to connect my speaker. The white light in front continues to flash.

Any suggestions or should I just return the speaker and never consider Sonos again.

2 replies

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Can you temporarily connect an Ethernet cable to it whilst you get it set up on your network? 

I already followed all the steps prescribed on the Sonos website:

-disconnect and reconnect 

-reconnect while pressing the infinity button

-reconnect with the ethernet cable connected

I even left it on for 2 hours but the white blinking light just continued. Never once did it become constant or change to amber or green.

I connected with the online live chat support and they just redirected me to their website.

I've finally called the dealer and they just said that they will replace the unit.