sonos ray and lg 55b7v

  • 21 November 2023
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My soundbar doesnt work when I adjust volume on tv. On device connector I just choose optical connection and that’s all, there isn’t any option for choosing Sonos or anything like that. If I unpair the magic remote then I can adjust volume on my soundbar, it seems that when it pairs something change. Is there any solution? The software version is 06.10.30


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9 replies

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Have you performed the Remote Control Setup process under the Ray’s settings in the Sonos app?

Yes, and it is connected. That’s why it works when I reset-unpair remote from the tv it works on soundbar 


Can I just ask why/if you’re using the optical adapter and not connecting the Arc to the TV’s HDMI-ARC/eARC port and then controlling the TV/Arc volume using the CEC protocol, rather than infrared, if that’s what you’re trying to do here?

Sonos ray can only connect via optical adapter, there isn’t hdmi port 

Sonos ray can only connect via optical adapter, there isn’t hdmi port 

Ah that’s my mistake, I misread your opening post (sorry) I thought it was an Arc you were using with that large TV.  Anyhow in the LG ‘Device Connector’ under ‘Soundbars/Bluetooth’ does the Optical port selection not take you through to the "Search for Manufacturer" page - if it does, as I recall, when you do try to search for the manufacturer, its a case sensitive search, so try both lower case and Sentence case for ‘Sonos’ and select the name in the results list to setup the universal remote settings and then setup the IR volume control in the Sonos App room settings for your ‘Ray’. Hope you get to sort it.

I’ve got a small (different) model of LG TV (2020/21) in the Kitchen and this is what I see if I select optical - it clearly did allow me to set Sonos as the manufacturer when I setup the Ray on the Optical port with that TV - see screenshot attached. 

I recall I had to search for ‘Sonos’ using sentence case as ‘sonos’ in lower case produced no results in the manufacturers list… not sure if that may help. 👍

In the LG ‘Device Connector’ under ‘Soundbars/Bluetooth’ after the Optical port selection doesn’t take me through to the "Search for Manufacturer" page


Dunno then @Asvos but I would speak with LG.

IIRC it might be something to do with the Country settings on the TV and the availability of some features, but I’m not sure. I would give LG customer services a call.