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  • 24 December 2021
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Hi everyone,
I have a sonos beam and two sonos one SL which are part of the home teather in one group in the sonos app (Home Theatre: + SS + SD + beam).
Also I have several amazon echo products purchased before sonos products.
In Alexa I have a group called “Home Theatre” inherited from Sonos and if I ask Alexa to play a song on this group I hear the audio coming out of the sound beam and the two "Sonos One SL (SS, SD)".
I would like to be able to have sonos all over the house by buying other "Sonos One SL" and removing the old amazon echo, in the bathroom for example I would put the Ikea Symfonisk.
I wanted to know if buying another four "sonos one SL" and a symfonisk the Sonos system allows me to create a single group so that when I ask alexa to play a music the audio is reproduced from the Home Theater, from the 4 new Sonos One and from the new Symfonisk at the same time.
Thanks everyone for the reply


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Sonos enables you to create as many ‘Rooms’ containing up to 32 devices in total, per system. You can then choose to play different music within each room or to synchronise the same music across all Rooms in ‘party’ mode.


thanks for the reply.

Kind regards



sorry, another question came to mind.
If I decide to buy a turntable ( the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon ), I will connect it to the Sonos system via the sonos amp.
In this case it is possible to hear the sound of the turntable in every room ?

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Yes, the turntable is treated as another music source.