Sonos Playbar with Roku TV

  • 6 January 2024
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Just purchased a Roku 65” TV, Roku remote will not control my Sonos Playbar for volume. I can however still use my Directv remote to control the Sonos Playbar. Any suggestions how to get the Roku remote to control my Sonos Soundbar? I prefer to only use one remote.


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5 replies

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Hi @bamaborn 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Please see our Control Sonos home theater with your TV remote help page for instructions on how to get your Roku remote to control the volume on your Playbar. Please note that doing so will prevent your Playbar from receiving instructions from your DirecTV remote.

I hope this helps.

I’m not sure which sound bar you’re referring to but if you have a RokuTV and a Sonos Ray - the two are not compatible for remote controlling. The Ray only accepts optical input, so the TV can’t control the audio settings.. and the remote only uses RF/Wifi, so the Ray will never see it. Unfortunately this wasn’t very clear and I’m stuck with my Ray now.

I found something called a Sideclick that basically attaches a simple IR remote to the side of the roku remote. It’s still effectively using a second remote, but it’s at least a little less clunky.

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Hi @bamaborn 

I wasn’t aware that there were two versions of the Roku remote available.

You may find the following pages useful:

@creidiki you may find the second link of use - it certainly seems to imply that you can activate IR on a voice remote, though it then goes on to describe CEC functionality, so I’m not 100% on that.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for checking that out and recommending it, but I’m afraid what I said is still true. From the link:

”Your Roku enhanced remote is designed to control volume and power on your TV. It cannot directly control other devices connected to your TV, such as an audio/video receiver (AVR) or sound bar.

However, your TV may be able to issue volume commands to your AVR or sound bar using a technology called HDMI CEC. In these cases, your Roku enhanced remote can indirectly control volume for your AVR or sound bar. For this to work, all your devices connected via HDMI must support HDMI CEC and it must be enabled on all devices. To learn if your TV, AVR or sound bar supports this technology refer to the device's documentation. Be aware that manufacturers may refer to HDMI CEC by a different name.”


Anyway, so the other sound bars with HDMI/CEC support will work fine from the sound of things. Sadly I didn’t figure this out before buying the Ray and it was too late to return or exchange. So in summary:

Roku TV + Sonos Ray cannot use the same remote, period. I ended up picking up a Sideclick to solve the problem. It’s not ideal but it gets the job done.

Sideclick Universal Remote...





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Hi @creidiki 

Yeah, it’s not the most helpful page, to be honest.

It was the first line that made me think you may have the option of IR:

“Some Roku enhanced remotes incorporate both wireless and infrared (IR) technologies to seamlessly control your Roku streaming player and aspects of your TV.”

It may be worth contacting them directly for clarification.