Sonos Five and Beam issues

  • 2 August 2021
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Hi There, I have a Five Sonos for more than one year (last generation) and recently bought the Sonos Beam, I connected it to my TV by Via HDMI ARC without any problems and then the Sonos Five (I only have those two Speakers) And everything worked well at the time but for some reason if I turn the TV volume up or down the it only works for the Beam Sonos, the Five Sonos continues with the same volume even if I put Mute on TV the Sonos Beam stops but The Five continues to sound. Do you guys know why? Is there some way to adjust this? I don’t want adjust the volume in the app every time, I would like it to be linked between them and work without problem. Another thing that I noticed is that when I turn them on there is a small delay entre the Sonos Five and the Beam Sonos and I do not understand why that happens. If someone can help me, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks


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2 replies

You have the Five or Play:5 ‘grouped’ with the Beam and all Sonos products volume and mute features operate independently when in a ‘group’ using a TV remote and/or the device hardware buttons.

The only way to ’simply’ resolve the issue that springs to mind, is to ‘bond’ speakers to the Beam instead as HT surrounds, but to do that you need another compatible Five or Play:5, as its only possible to ‘bond’ two devices, a single device cannot be bonded as a surround.


well I guess I will have to buy another five to solve this “problem” 


thank you for your help