Sonos does not automatically switch to pcm 5.1 on PS5

I have a very weird problem. Sometimes when i watch youtube on my smart tv and then go back to PS5 some of the sound effects on the PS5 stops working. For example footsteps and swordswings in a video game. And when i look in the app is says "Pcm 2.0" instead of "Pcm 5.1" like it said before switching to youtube.

It will not switch automatically like it did before. Weird thing is if i for example watch and dolby atmos 5.1 video on youtube and THEN switch to ps5 the sound works just fine and then app says "Pcm 5.1" again.

I have been in contact with sonos support and sent a diagnostic but they couldnt find any problem with the system. And this problem seems to only occur when switching source to PS5. Anyone had a similar problem?

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