Sonos disconnects from TV

  • 7 November 2022
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I have an Arc, One SLs and a Sub Mini connected to my Sony X95J through eARC and an AppleTV 4K. I keep encountering a problem where my Arc gets an HDMI error and my TV will only use the TV speakers and the Sonos app just stalls when I try and switch the audio to the TV (it says an error happened but no code). The issue is immediately fixed when I unplug the HDMI and plug it back in.

From my initial observation it appears to happen mostly (only?) after I’m airplaying to the Sonos system and then try to turn on the TV to watch something.

I do use my AppleTV remote as my primary remote that powers on the TV and starts to the last used input.

I’ve spent hours googling this issue and can’t find much about it. Not sure if it’s the Sonos or my TV.


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2 replies

That seems odd. Have you checked the TV’s software/firmware for updates? Or, for that matter, the Sonos? I’m also curious if you have “autoplay” turned on for the TV’s “room” in Sonos, or if you’re manually switching from AirPlay 2 to the TV’s input. Have you provided diagnostics to Sonos, and talked to them about what it is they’re looking at? 

Not sure that which remote you’re using factors in to the equation….it’s only sending a CEC command through the Apple TV to the TV,  then on to the Arc to turn on the audio…..I think the more important aspect is the controller you’re using when you get into this odd state. 

I’ve just started having this exact same issue today. Additionally, airplay has stopped working completely. Only thing that has updated recently is the Sonos App