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  • 21 November 2023
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i have recently bought and moved into a property with Sonos set up - which is great!

I have two Sonos Connect:Amp which work great over WiFi and I have no issues.

there is also a Sonos Connect which is connected to a surround sound in the living room (5 speakers) but is routed through a dvd player. I have plugged it into the router and added it to my account to try and get it to play over WiFi but it’s not working…and I’ve tried to connect to my tv which does work but only through a dvd player I am never going to use versus my main tv provider or Amazon fire stick

i am not hugely tech savvy so I’ve tried reading forums but got lost…is there anything I can do to connect the speakers over wifi or swap out the dvd player to anything else. It feels a shame to waste what someone has very lovingly invested in.


i should also say all the products are S1

thanks so much in advance 


1 reply

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CAn you move the Connect to the tape in/out connections on your AVR? That will let you send sound both from and to the Connect.

If you don’t have the tape connection try hooking it to any of the line (not phono) inputs on the AVR and you will get your Sonos music into the AVR.