Sonos Beam with Virgin 360 box CEC issues.

  • 28 January 2023
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My modest system is a Virgin 360 box HDMI into my JVC 50” tv with an ethernet-wired Beam Gen 2 (with ONE SL surrounds) connected via eARC.

The issue I had was that the volume display kept popping up on the TV every 20 or 30 seconds.

Really annoying.

I noticed that this issue stopped if the sat box was not connected or if I connected the Beam via Optical so clearly the sat box was constantly handshaking with the Beam via CEC. I tried turning off the CEC control on the Virgin box (“helpfully” called One Button) but it made no difference.

So, on the suggestion from another post on here, I bought a HDMI CEC remover adapter for £8 on Amazon, inserted it between the Virgin box and the TV, and the issue was resolved.

This was after several support calls to Sonos and no progress.  I understand that it wasn’t strictly speaking a Sonos issue so their support didn’t extend but it’s clearly a “fix” that will be of use to many of their customer base and ought to be a suggestion on their diagnostics script.

Anyway, I hope someone finds this useful.

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Hi @Nigel_Smith,

Thanks for providing this solution for other users that may experience this issue with the same products.

This is definitely a strange issue for the satellite box to be causing, I wouldn’t expect one to re-initiate the HDMI CEC handshake constantly with the Beam, as that’s more the TV’s job since it creates the CEC network for the other devices connected to the network.

It would seem that the Virgin Box is breaking the HDMI CEC chain in some way, so this workaround you’ve provided is a welcome one!