Sonos Beam vs Apple TV 4k vs Samsung 2021 TV - glitchy sound continues

  • 20 November 2023
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REPOST of a previous thread, but after all it was not resolved.

Hi, I have an issue with my Sonos soundbar setup.

I have a 2021 Samsung AU8000 TV, Sonos Beam Gen 2 (Sonos HDMI cable) and Apple TV 4K 2022 (connected via HDMI 2.1 cable).

I have just upgraded from Apple TV 4K 2017 and I started having a strange sound issue with eARC, Pass-through and Dolby Atmos enabled. The sound is distorted - high pitched and out-of-sync.

If I disable any of the mentioned options, it goes back to normal. Also, this applies only to content from ATV, all internal Samsung apps sound fine.

I’ve upgraded my ATV HDMI cable (no change), updated Sonos to 15.10, re-adopted my Sonos System and tried myriad different options on the TV or ATV.

So in conclusion, the only change was upgrading Apple TV from 2017 to 2022 model and the issue appeared.


Additional findings:

  1. Tried resetting via @GuitarSuperstar method. It now sometimes works fine (multi-channel PCM), other times switches back to Stereo PCM, other times glitches (multi-channel PCM). After each device power cycle, it’s like a roulette.
  2. I’ve factory reset both my Samsung TV and the Apple TV - no changes in behaviour.
  3. Enabling/disablind CEC setting on ATV - no changes

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tvOS update to 17.2 beta seems to have fixed the issue, hooray