Sonos Beam not working on Samsung TV

  • 2 September 2023
  • 8 replies

Last night all of the sudden my Sonos Beam stopped working with my Samsung TV. I tried everything from resetting both the TV and Sonos device to trying different cables. Turns out I needed to turn off Dolby Digital Plus in the TV audio settings. Unfortunately, the Beam (Gen 1) does not support this audio format. Hope this helps others 😀

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8 replies

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I had the exact problem start yesterday. I tried your suggestion and it worked. Thanks!

I had the same problem but wondering your Samsung keeps auto putting Dolby digital plus back on and then you have to keep changing it? 

Hi, I had the same issue with Samsung tv and Beam Gen 1 and guess have it fixed. You have to go to Samsung Settings (Setting, not quick settings, because quick settings work only for current video) → Expert Audio Settings and set there Dolby Digital instead of Dolby Digital Plus.

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Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital+ are grayed out on mine. I was using Dolby Digital+ successfully for two or three years until last Thursday. 

Near as I can tell, Samsung released a firmware update that broke Dolby Digital Plus last week. You probably should contact them.

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That part confuses me, because I haven’t manually updated my Samsung TV firmware since November 2022. I just went in to check and it says no updates are available. My current version is 1401. 

So are you saying that Samsung pushes software updates behind the scenes?

Oh, heavens, yes. Most do. I’m not specifically familiar with Samsung, since I don’t own one.