Sonos Beam Not Connecting to VIZIO TV After Using It With Sonos Play 1

  • 2 October 2021
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Hi all,

Recently we had to move the television and unplug everything which included power cord and all my HDMI including ARC. After we this debacle, we had issues connecting the Beam to the TV. I feel like I’ve tried everything that’s been suggested 

Every time we use our Beam with the Play:1, then turn on the television, the Beam does NOT connect to the television. I’m having to reset the Beam every time I want it to connect to the TV -- this is the ONLY way that it’ll connect to my TV again. 

I’ve tried going into the Sonos app to do the “TV Setup” again (without resetting), but it never works unless I reset it. The problem that arises through the Sonos app is the inability to “test connection.” The TV HDMI-1/ARC/CEC and the ethernet cable is plugged in with my Beam 24/7, and the TV is able to detect the Sonos Beam, however for whatever reason, I cannot bypass the “test connection” on the Sonos app because CEC Connection is not detected.


Needless to say, every time I use my Sonos products together to play music or the morning news, I’d have to reset the Beam completely for it to be used with my TV.


I’m hoping someone in this community can tell me what I should do to not have to reset my Beam every single time I turn on my TV after using it with my Play:1.


Thank you! 

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6 replies

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Do you have CEC enabled in your TV settings? Do you have any other devices connected to your TV?

Do you have CEC enabled in your TV settings? Do you have any other devices connected to your TV?

Yes, CEC is enabled on my TV Settings and it’s able to detect Sonos Beam. No other devices are connected to my TV.

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Have you rebooted your router in a while? Do you have another HDMI cable you can test with?

I have rebooted my router several times as I thought that could’ve been an issue as well. I do have another HDMI cable and have tried that too, hahaha. 

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Just to test, if you connect the Beam to the TV with the optical adapter, do you experience the same problem?

I have the exact same problem and have tried all those methods too. Makes me sort of hate this whole product even though it’s great when it works. I can never use it because it doesn’t want to connect EVEN though my tv clearly detects it. Just can’t get passed the “test connection”