Good morning. First of all, I apologize for my English because I'm from Poland and I don't know English very well. PLEASE HELP me with two issues related to SONOS BEAM GEN 2: 1) I have Everything configured correctly, the infrared remote control from SONOS works and with the TV, HOW I SWITCH OFF the TV but Sonos still lights up And sonos stays on - how to turn off SONOS BEAM GEN2 (without unplugging), no manual finishing option anywhere? , , , ( 2) THE INFRARED REMOTE WORKS GOOD, but I also have a MUCH better second remote control for the TV, but about bluetooth connectivity - how can i connect such a remote control with SONOS BEAM 2 - I don't know how to pair such a bluetooth remote control?,  , , How do I put Sonos Beam gen2 into bluetooth pairing state?, , , (3) Will turning off Sonos Beam gen2 every dozen or so hours not hurt the device? , , (4) What are the configurations of holding down the button on the back (the one for quick connection), How much longer can I hold what's going on? How do I hold the fragile what's going on? And etc....? , Please answer in a simple understandable language, AS POSSIBLE ASK IN POLISH OR possibly in English. 

Best Regards from WARSAW in Poland.


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I can’t spell Polish.

With respect to power, your units are always ON, they do not have a power switch. After the music stops, the units will switch to a low power mode.

You cannot pair a Bluetooth remote with SONOS, however, if your TV is connected to BEAM with an HDMI cable, you should be able to control BEAM’s Volume with the TV remote. The TV will receive commands from its remote and send Volume commands to BEAM over the HDMI connection.

After initial setup there is no need to fuss with the button on the back.


Dziękuję bardzo za pomoc i wsparcie oraz odpowiedź.


Than you very much for your help, Best Regards from POLAND