Sonos Beam and headphones

  • 20 June 2022
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The Beam is connected to my HD Samsung smart TV and Sky box etc and of course with no jack the Sonos will not connect directly to headphones. Is there an adapter/conversion unit that will enable me to fit in and then make use of the headphones, please? I am not at all technical and in my 80’s so any thoughts will be much appreciated. I thought that I had seen a suitable converter?


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2 replies

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Hi @dcacarr 

Thanks for your post!

There is no way to connect a set of headphones to the Sonos Beam. Therefore, you’d normally connect them to your TV instead. How you do this depends on your available connections on your TV, and whether you want wired headphones or not. It’s possible that your TV has a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth options and/or an optical output - the optical output could be connected to the transmitter of a wireless headphone set.

There are third party adaptors available that will extract audio from an HDMI connection (“HDMI Audio Extractors”), but I believe they go between a video source and the TV, so you’d only be able to use one for one source device at a time, without changing the connections (unless you had multiple sources going to a HDMI switch, which then went through the extractor), and you’d be unable to use the headphones for built-in TV apps/channels. These devices can cause problems, so although they may work, we don’t support their use.

It should be noted that most TVs will automatically select a sound-bar as the audio output device if one is detected, so you may need to disable the TV’s CEC option (Samsung call it Anynet+) before being able to use any headphones. Re-enable the setting to listen via the Beam once more. If utilising the optical output, you may need to enable this in the TV’s settings too.

I hope this helps.

It certainly does, I can appreciate all the points that you made, thank you. I may just leave well alone and play my Amazon music library via the Beam and enjoy and I can use the earphones with a tablet. I am hoping that I may go for the Arc or possibly the 2nd generation Beam, before too long. Been retired 25 years so easier said than done. Thank you again. David