Sonos Beam and Connect

So i have a Beam connected tot he TV that uses ARC, works really well, love it. I also have a projector that we use to watch movies but it doesn’t support ARC, I wanted to use the Beam with it. If I were to buy a connect would this allow be to run a line-in from the projector to the connect and then link the connect to the beam in the app. In theory I believe this would work but would there be latency issues???


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The line-in on any Sonos device will always have a 75ms latency to the source.  

In addition, the CONNECT is a stereo device, and will not pass a 5.1 signal of any type to the Sonos soundbar.

Ok think I've found a device that could work, it's an arc audio extractor, 1hdmi in and then an audio and video HDMI out I'll give that a go

Just another query as I’m about to try something, I have a low latency Bluetooth transmitter that I have paired with my sonos roam. In theory, if i connect the transmitter to the projector and put the roam beside it, I could then join the audio from the roam to the Beam, now the ram latency is negligible when I did this before and I know it would only be 2.1 but it could work…...right….

I will experiment with this and let anyone that cares know whether or not this worked.


The Roam doesn’t support aptX of any flavour, and certainly not aptX Low Latency. A Bluetooth transmitter would therefore fall back to using SBC to talk to the Roam. SBC has a latency of somewhere around 200-250ms, quite sufficient to ruin lip-sync.

😪 You’re right, I did a quick test and it was not pretty. I think I’ll just buya  cheap soundbar for the proj that has aux, I’m over complicating things