Sonos Beam and 2 Sonos One

  • 10 May 2024
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I have a Sonos beam and two Sonos ones. I’d like all three to be connected to the tv and play sounds from the tv simultaneously (ie not surround sound). I would also like to use the tv remote to control volume for all three speakers. Is this possible?

If the above is accomplished, I would further like to be able to control the volume of each speaker. For example, I want Beam to have a lower volume than the Ones. So if the Beam is set at 2 for example and the Ones are set at 5, I’d like to be able to use the TV remove to increase volume in the same porportion, for example Beam increased to 4 and Ones increases to 7. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.  


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No, it is not possible.  Specifically:

You can group them to all play the same sound, but TV sources will be delayed in the Ones by about 75ms, causing an echo.  You can adjust this by delaying audio in the Beam, but this will lead to lip-sync problems.  

Even if you are OK with the above, you cannot adjust the volume on grouped devices using the TV remote.  The TV remote will only adjust volume on the TV room (Beam).

Thank you….. this answer makes me sad. I love having my side speakers (Ones) play sounds so that I don’t have to blast the tv at night, but controlling it with my phone is such a hassle. Is there a way to have another separate controller for the Ones?

Not that I’m aware of. Sonos Ones must be controlled by a controller when not part of a  ‘home theater’ room as surrounds. They don’t have IR receivers, nor can they be controlled by a CEC connection, since they have no HDMI port. 

Your controller, however, can also be on a phone, a tablet, or a PC/Mac. You can always have more than one controller connected to your system.