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  • 12 February 2024
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Hi there,

I’m after a bit of help. 

I’ve got 2 questions -

  1. I’ve just set up the beam (gem 2) with my 2022 LG G2 TV via HDMI ARC etc, It doesn’t play in conjunction with the tv speakers, is this normal? I’ve followed all the instructions and it looks like it plays through the tv or the sound bar. If this is possible, does anyone have any suggestions? 
  2. if the hdmi is running from the hdmi arc input, is there a splitter that can be used in order to run one hdmi cable into a PS4 and another into the Sonos beam? Will this reduce the sound quality? Appreciate if one could be recommended.

Thanks in advance




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3 replies

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You cannot play audio from both the TV’s internal speakers and Beam at the same time. You must choose one or the other.

Connect the PS4 to any of the TV’s other HDMI ports and you will be able to play the PS4 audio through the Beam. The sound quality will not be reduced.

Thanks for your reply. I only have room for 1 x hdmi cable as it’s enclosed, running behind the wall. So in order not to be swapping ports all the time I was thinking of using a splinter. Will this work for splitting the sound bar / ps4? Thanks. 

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The LG G2 has four HDMI ports: