Sonos Beam 2 lost connection with Samsung TV, which is connecting thru eARC

  • 14 November 2023
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Background Info

  • Sonos App
    • Version 15.9
    • Sonos OS S2
    • Build 75146030
  • Sonos System
    • Beam Gen 2 ver159 build 75146030
    • Sub mini ver 15.9 build 7516030
  • Samsung TV QE75QN85BATXXU
  • Sonos Beam 2 connects with Samsung TV with eARC


- After TV is off & on, the TV will lost the connection of Sonos Beam and output the audio with internal speaker



  • Power off the Sonos and Power on the Sonos. The TV will re-connect to the Beam.

Tried to reset the Sonos Beam or Power off sonos beam&TV + Disconnect sonos beam + Power on sonos beam&TV + connect sonos beam. But the problem still exists.


Please kindly advise how to resolve the issue


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8 replies

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Hello @lmleung7, welcome to Sonos Community.

We are currently investigating an issue with the Sonos Beam (Gen2) losing the connection with some Samsung TVs after they come back from Standby mode, but I do not have an ETA to share..

The workaround as you mentioned would be to power-cycle the Sonos Beam or use the Optical Adapter.

Thank you for your patience.

I’ve reported the same issue, this is the case number. Not fixed after call, still just randomly looses the connection to the eARC, makes the cost of my upgrade to the Beam 2 rather pointless as now using optical cable.. I’ve also spoken to Samsung waiting for a response but not convinced it’s anything at their end as it worked fine when I first purchased it and I’ve not had any TV updates… please update me also once you have any feedback. 


Moderator edit: removed case number (identifying information)

Same issues here, I originally thought it may be my Apple TV remote, but I’ve since sold the Apple TV, reset the TV, PS5 and Sonos Beam 2 all to factory settings, the issue went away for a few weeks, but now back to doing it again.


When I turn the TV back on after a long period of time i.e going to sleep, the sound output switches to the TV speakers.


Only workaround I’ve found is to turn the power off the main power plug on the wall for all devices and leave it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on, usually sorts it out for another week or so!


If anyone has a permanent fix it would be greatly appreciated, never had this issue with my gen 1 beam, kind of annoying for a +£500 piece of kit that’s now after the return date.

I have exactly this issue too.  Very frustrating - real dis incentive to upgrade/ change systems once you get a stability

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It is never a bad idea to put your systems into manual update mode and let all the auto-update folks discover the problems. Waiting for them to be fixed and then doing the update can be a lot less frustrating. It is a lot more work though as you have to track the problem reports and fix status.

I’m too lazy for that these days, I’ll auto-update and live with any bugs that bite.

I have exactly this issue too.  Very frustrating - real dis incentive to upgrade/ change systems once you get a stability

It’s annoying! It’s even more frustrating not knowing if it’s the TV or the beam!

Hi guys,

I’ve done some digging and apparently it’s an issue with the Samsung Q series TV’s not the Sonos Beam. Looks like my only option is to sell the Beam & get a Samsung sound bar. 

The TV worked fine with Beam 2, until the last 3 months…. So something changed… have Samsung put an update out recently then?