Sonos audio sync issue

  • 13 December 2022
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For the love of the sweet BABY JESUS, will you please fix the audio sync issues with Sonos products.  It is a known issue on every community board in the universe.  I spent $1500 for a Sonos Arc, 2 One SL’s and a Sub mini.  They are grouped together.  They are plugged into an ARC port on my VERY GOOD Sony Bravia XBR 55’ television and I use an Apple TV 4K (2022 Newest version).  That’s it!  One TV, One Apple TV and your speakers plugged into a great TV and the audio sync (video is faster than the audio) exists in varying degrees on every Apple TV app: Youtube TV, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus.  All of them have audio sync issues.  By the way, the TV audio sync adjuster in the Sonos App does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  It doesn’t change the sound sync at all.  It doesn’t work.

If you’re not going to fix the problem, SAY SO!  That way, I can just return the entire system and try something else..Bose maybe?

2 replies

That is a remarkably ill-informed post.

First, you talk about the Arc, One SLs and Sub being ‘grouped’ together.  That would certainly cause sync issues, but I shall assume you actually have these components set up correctly as a single Sonos HT ‘room’.

There are dozens of posts on the Community explaining why there is nothing for Sonos to fix on lip sync issues because they haven’t yet invented a time machine that will allow Sonos HT devices to play sound before it is received.  The problem is with the TV and can invariably be solved by bypassing the TV with the audio. Does it not occur to you that if ‘video is faster than the audio’ then maybe it is the device that controls the video and audio output that might be responsible? 

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It can be frustrating to have lip sync issues. Try using an optical cable instead of hdmi, it can make a significant difference. ARC can cause a lot of issues between tvs (even VERY GOOD ones) and other components. EARC which your VERY GOOD tv doesn’t have was partly rolled out to help resolve issues like yours. You can also use an HDMI Fury Arcana together with a hdmi switch to bypass your VERY GOOD TVs hdmi ports. Perhaps news of them hasn’t yet reached BABY JESUS so worth investigating.